New Blog look, and updated tabs!


New day, new look! Yup, that’s right, Papermashed has a new look. Not only that, but, all the pages on the site’s been updated, so Poetry section has had the biggest impact, with more than 50 poems being added to the links, making it easier for everyone, including me to find them for a read.

I’m sure, I didn’t get every article linked up to one or the other pages, but will endeavour to see if I’ve missed giving any old posts their spot on the lists. You’ll also find ‘Art Corner’ now has a few more images, and makes some sense now. Also, other articles on writing etc, is under the anecdotes tab, and the miscellanies are housed in the thoughts section.

It’s taken me half a day to sort this out, and the book tab has also been updated with fresh links to Amazon and Facebook.

Hope you all like it!