On this page, you will find any articles/blog post I’ve published on the topic of writing, my personal experience in this journey to become an author, and any other stories I think might entertain/help a fellow writer in their journey and navigation of these scary but thrilling waters.

If you’d like me to cover a topic I haven’t yet, do let me know and I shall do my best to cover it in a timely manner.

The post appear in the newest first order:

–  Oh boy, new toy!

How to ‘create’ while in ‘control’ so the story train doesn’t derail.

Writing phase

What’s your morning ritual?

Don’t be a fool and quit. Write!

Excuse me while I think ‘Cinematic’

Writers, Toughen UP and thicken your hide!

When imaginary friends come out to play!

Lost for words

Mood Writing

Writer’s dilemma!

Debunking ‘Good Writer’ Myth

The main reason You are compelled to write.

FYI: Writers have the most trouble writing of anyone!

Judging self worth & accomplishment?

Oh my, a ‘Most Influential Blogger’ Award!

Your mind is a fog! Or was it a car?

Trouble writing? Here’s what you need to know.

– Doubt kills Creativity

Tips and Anecdotes on becoming an Author

Blue faced: why advices are relative

Writers need to surprise themselves! No buts

Free eBOOK on Amazon Kindle!!! One day ONLY!

Judging Authors by what Characters say

Power of Words

Measure of Success: How to tell if you are successful?

Writers have a disability!

2nd Round: Free eBook – In Strange Company. Get it while it’s hot!

The story’s end! – How to put a ‘full stop’ to it.

Befriend your Muse

‘Write what you know’ – why it is a poor advice.

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