Personal Stories/Ventures/Thoughts

These are just odd selection of posts that are neither writerly, nor anything in particular. These are basically small windows into who I am, what I do, and where I come from.

Hopping Across the World: from Mt Everest, to Mt Cook and the Uluru (Part 2)

Hopping Across the World: from Mt Everest, to Mt Cook and the Uluru (Part 1)

Childhood Hopes and dreams: debunked!

Busy as a beehive!

Slightly lost and looking at my own feet.

Psychology – why I wish I knew more

Career Choices

Why do I write?

My first interview as an Author

Lesson learned the hard way

Feedback for free book

No longer a new kid on the block

Social experiment and film review

All about you

Are you spiritual?

Online Crowdfunding: What it means for indie short film.

I need your thoughts. Can I steal you for a moment?

-Photo travel: Nepal & India

Festive Street Scene, Basantapur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Famous Alleyways for Varanasi City & the Holy Cow

Hoppitty – hopping 1: Departing Sydney

Hoppitty – hopping 2: Transit in Kuala Lumpur

– Loopy

– Pre-occupation of a Bored Mind

– Perseverance: the darn key to everything

– Stepping Stones

– A DIY mission that seems Impossible

– Beastly: Writer’s resume

– What imagination and years of expectations do to people: Valentine’s Day Special

– Where’re you headed, Shelly Cooper?

– Midnight thoughts

– Writerly angst

-Being Human

– Reason behind Blogging


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