Arty: Them Details!

Oh, it’s been a good day. Nay, a great day! I’ve achieved something and as small as that achievement might be when others look at it, I can truly say it’s a big achievement for me.

Hooray! I can finally say that after several attempts over the years to draw an eye that actually resembles an eye, I’ve managed it. Yes, I so did.
Looky here…

Doesn’t it look good? 🙂

This is the first time ever I’ve managed something of this level in terms of eye. I’ve tried a few times before, but never could capture the realism of it. Yes, they looked like eyes, eyes any amateur art hobbyists would draw. And so I’d kind of figured I could never draw something like that. It was a fact. But, recently, I’ve returned from my first ever cruise, and found it astounding that there was an art gallery on board. An art gallery!

So, in the week bobbing around on the Pacific Ocean, I fell back in love with art. I mean, I’ve always loved art, admired artists, and quietly wished I had even an ounce of their talents. The last time I did any art was probably more than a year ago, or maybe two. Ever since the cruise, and seeing all those artworks up close and personal, I couldn’t quite help myself in feeling inspired to try and create a few pieces of my own, challenge my own abilities. Maybe I could push my self.

I have. The last couple of days I’ve been wondering what I’d like to do; paint, draw, try mixed media? What shall I capture: peacocks (a bird I absolutely love), fruits, people (which I barely do because I don’t think I have the talent to make them look real), or just landscapes etc?

I have no idea, but I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve pinned pictures of peacocks and fruits, I’ve drooled over eyes!  And today I thought what the hell, let’s try it again. So I sat down with a new art diary, and graphite pencils, searched the net for an eye photograph I could attempt, and off I went. Below are the photos to show my progress; it took me about an hour maybe.

1. Outlining…

2. Trying to figure out shadows…

3. Enhancing shadows and adding details… them lashes, oh that was interesting.

4. The final product… and I couldn’t quiet believe it myself. I’ve done it. Wtf!

5. The image I used for inspiration. M (my husband) thought it was already a drawing by someone else, and I had to tell him no, that it was a B&W photo I was looking at.

Next up: maybe I’ll try fruits… and some more eyes, in case this was a beginners luck thing.

Art + Film news: ‘The Usual Hunt’ a 3 min comedy and more!


‘Art for Charity’ venture went really well. The exhibition was on Sunday, and two wonderful people bought my art in support of Oxfam. Hooray for that, because as an artist/writer I’m obviously not in a position to donate that amount out of pocket.

These are the two pieces that sold:

And now, onto the next project I’ve secretly worked on the last month and a half. My first short comedy!

I made ‘The Usual Hunt‘ for the My RODE Reel competition which offers film gear for  winners. And won’t lie, I really want to win, at least the Public Choice category. So here is the link for you to watch the film on YouTube, and the voting gets activated for you within the next 24 hours.
Please watch the film. It’s only 3 min long, and it’s fun. I would really appreciate it if you guys could vote for it?

And tell me what you thought if the film! 🙂
Incase the link above doesn’t work, here is the URL:

Arty: Art for Charity (for Nepal Earthquake)

Ok, I officially have no idea if this is even possible, because at the end of the day, it all depends on the number of people’s attention this post catches.

I am an occasional painter, and by occasional, I mean just a couple of paintings a year kind of deal. I am mostly a writer, but do enjoy painting too. Find it a relaxing and enjoyable task. I’m also however, a broke artist/writer.

I’m another Nepali living abroad and devastated by all the misery and devastation in the country due to series of earthquakes since 25th April. Even if I want to, I cannot do much from here. So here is my idea. Humour me for a moment. Seriously.

Nepal is not just a gorgeous country, but sometimes it is also referred to as the land of Lord Shiva. Now everybody should know who he is. As Nepal is also predominantly a Hindu country, majority of people are possibly praying to him, after all, he is of the trinity, and is the God of destruction. Or more precisely, the God at the end of the chain who has the heavy task of ending things that began, a reality of life. He also happens to be a deity I revere for his values. Nepal, also has the world famous Pashupati temple in Kathmandu, aka, the biggest and most revered Lord Shiva temple.

So I have just been struck with this idea: what if I do a large, almost metre by metre painting on canvas of him, as long as it takes me to do. I will blog about it, Tweet it etc.


What if I sell the painting to the highest bidder and donate the money raised to Nepal Earthquake relief through a trusted organization? How does that sound?

An original painting of Lord Shiva for the land that adores him the most?
I can’t do this alone. I can paint alone, I can blog alone, but I can’t get the word out there. I can’t see how feasible this plan if mine is. I need your hell to spread the word, to gauge interest etc. will you help me?

(Some of you might be wondering how well I can paint if I’m only an occasional painter? The photo attached of Lord Ganesh in this post is one of my original paintings done in ink, and took me 35hours+ to complete.)

Arty: Graphite Portrait

I tried sketching someone famous! I say try because I didn’t quite do what I set out to do.

Any guess on who this is? Lol


Arty: Instagram spotlights

Curious. I’m ever so curious how people receive things I’ve created/made, not just my writing, but artworks as well. I guess it’s the curse of being a writer/artist, that we are always seeking appreciation. Makes us happy!

So I was completely surprised when I found out just a little while ago, through a friend, that one of my painting exhibiting at the Nepal Art & Culture Exhibition has been showing up on other people’s Instagram!

He was kind enough to send me screen grabs of those so that I don’t tire myself in search of those pinch worthy moment.

Take a look. 🙂



Maybe there are more (being hopeful here!), who knows. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Arty: My works to go public!

You must all be wondering why I’ve been focusing so much on painting and such in recent weeks. I would be if I were you, lol. I mean, what’s prompted abandoning ship on daily poetry and delving into the visual?!

It’s a funny story, really!

Now here is what happened at the very start of December, not so very long ago…

I got a call. Missed one to be honest. Unknown number. Now here is the thing. I usually never pick up on unknown number or call back. I wouldn’t have done it either if I were expecting calls. So I waited few hours before calling back.

‘Hello’ he said.

‘Hello. I missed your call earlier…You are?’ I said.

‘I’m so and so, founder of so and so foundation. I got your number off so and so in regards to participating in our up coming Art and Culture exhibition at end of the month. I wanted to confirm with you.’ He said.

‘Confirm what?’ I said (you get the point!)

‘That you will be exhibiting your artworks at the event. We had your friend confirm that you were hundred percent in. We already have your name printed on the flyer for distribution.’

‘Who?’ I said (utterly shocked)


Me, utterly perplexed! The name wasn’t very familiar to me if at all. ‘Blah’ who? Then the cogs turned in my mind, someone I know had mentioned the event and the name in a passing conversation weeks earlier, which I had obviously hadn’t take very seriously.

So that’s how you have found me focusing on paintings these past few weeks. I only had a mere handful, which of course is embarrassing since this is going to be the first time ever my works are on public display. He said ‘bring as many as you have!’, meaning I needed more than what I could count in half a hand.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the ones that will be exhibited:





Arty: Peacock– dazzling and done!


Arty: Peacock–fantabulising the feathers


Not yet done, but getting there!

Arty: Peacock- it’s alive!


I finally started giving feathers to this creature!


Can’t wait to see what this will turn out like! (Silly for the painter to be this excited, but who cares :p)

Arty: Not yet a Master Piece…

Ok here is the somewhat finished painting, acrylic on canvas. I do have to tweak the one flower that’s being an attention seeker, but other than that, what do you guys reckon? Exhibition worthy?