Writing: The main reason you are compelled to write.

Ever really thought about it? Your reason for writing, whether you write poetry, short stories, book, scripts, technical/academic papers, or news/tabloid articles, do you know why you write? For fun, for escape, to express, to lose reality, for money, to inform or gossip, or because you have to since it’s your job?

I think I am safe in the assumption that most people who do so usually have their reasons muddled. Some think they do it for fun, when in fact they like the gains afterwards, a smile on a face, laughter, emotion coxed, or perhaps monetary reason? What ever it is, there is no denying you, and I have a reason! We all do, it’s why we do what we do.

Consider the following:


That age old effort to suvive! Yep, that’s right, writers, at the bottom of it all really write because it is part of their survival plan, and that’s not to just survive in the sense of breathing and going through the daily motions. No, that survival is of the inner being, of being able to celebrate their individualism, to push away the culture of conformity that is emerging in society, made worse by mass social media and the publicizing of private lives.

Where would we all be if we dressed the same, are the same, looked the same, acted the same, and even spoke in similar tones? Boring, huh?

Some people express their individual, uniqueness through material choices. Writers express their selves through words not necessarily written for the public arena. That’s what we have to remember whenever we wonder about the drive that keeps a writer pursuing writing, a musician continuing to write songs, a dancer on their feet, or an accountant keeping records. Yet others survive giving their lives over to nurturing young, old and the sick. It’s what makes us tick.

I tick through writing (and obviously blogging about it). It’s my survival technique. What’s yours? Photography? Ballet? Sports? Academia? We all have something. We are all surviving, some in groups, others in solitude.

Painter in the making?! I hope so

Look at this. Just look at it! Isn’t she splendid?


Oh yeah, bask in its awesome glory. It’s an oil painting finished in a day! – and has textures, and even Garnet crushed and layered onto the surface. I absolutely loved it. In fact, I still love it! BUT, and yes, there is a but –

It ISN’T one of mine! I wish!

This particular painting is by one of my best friend, Rebecca (of the Abecca’s Art blog). She opened her blog a few years ago as part reason to document her work, and also part reason to stay connected in a world when she was living in an Australian Country town, days away from us all down here in Sydney. It kept her sane. In fact, she was the one who mentioned that I might want to give blogging a go, use it as an avenue for creative expression.

Suffice to say I’m a little jealous of her incredible talent! 😛

Here is another one of her work, this is finished now, but pictured below is when the painting was a ‘work-in-progress’. Even her work-in-progress look ten times more attractive than my meagre attempts to be a painter.


She is a painter, period (except a part-time job to keep her painting). I will be taking few painting lessons from her in the near future. So excited about the possibility of producing something as beautiful myself. One day!

Go visit her on her blog – browse through her many gorgeous paintings etc. She’d love your company too, as much as I do.

In the mean time, here are my ill attempts to paint landscape and flowers! LOL (Don’t judge me :P, I’m still learning!)…hopefully they will look better when finished.


Special effects – Gory Indulgence

Beware: This post contains gory pictures that may or may not be to your liking.

While I’m sitting down trying to take another break from reading papers for assignments…I thought, why not show you all another side of me. Something else I love doing other than writing…one day maybe I’ll get professional training. I really want to!

I’ll let you in on a little known secret about something that holds amazing interest for me: Special effects! Not the CGI kind of effects, but the actually cosmetic/prosthetic effects we so readily see in fantasy/sci-fi/period pieces/crime movies or TV shows. I’m talking about warty fingers and green faces, of gashes and gaps, or aliens and monsters, and of the olden days of life without technology and etc.

Few years ago, during my involvement in making a feature film, Sweet Marshall, I had a fabulous opportunity to practice something I had never done. I mean I draw and paint, and can do general makeup very well, but blood and bullet holes – I had never tried. But when the time came, and the film required some cuts and bruises, and bullets hole injuries, I was more than happy to try my hand at it. I mean how hard could it be painting on people’s faces and bodies than on canvas and paper?

Well…it was a bit hard, at first. People aren’t flat as sheets are we? So, during the 5 weeks filming, I was the resident SFX makeup artist, even though I had never done this before. But I could copy things really well – and a simple 1 minute lesson from a pro had me later on doing on-set SFX throughout the duration. I have to say it wasn’t what I had expected.

I LOVED it! Thoroughly enjoyed the task of making wax and paint and makeup resemble wounds and gashes. I would be lying if I denied how much I loved practicing it. This new-found interest had me going out there into the art stores the following years and getting a children’s practice set for SFX moulding wax and a small bottle of blood. Here are some of the damages I inflicted.




SFX(Bullet hole, facial gash, neck gash/tear) _All FAKE and done for Halloween

hand gash

(Hand – severed thumb stitched back – for Halloween)


(Diseased witch – again for Halloween. Got few screams from trick-or-treaters, though I’m not proud I scared my 10-month old niece :-S).

What do you guys think? 🙂