Writing style: Long-handed writing

How prevalent are computers and tablets, and little 'Note' apps on phones? Pretty much everywhere. You'd think they'd put notebook makers and other paper product out of business, but, luckily, we can still enjoy a well bound and finished notebook in our hands.  I tell people I write and they immediately assume I write straight... Continue Reading →

Rule of Thirds, new novel, new art

I have started  a new painting specifically with the intention of using the image for my book cover for the next book. I wasn't joking earlier when I said I will be releasing a new novel in the coming month or so.   It's too wet still for me to continue painting in it tonight, but... Continue Reading →

‘Becoming Scarlett’ by Ciara Geraghty: Book Review

'Becoming Scarlett' is not my first rodeo when it comes to reading Ciara Geraghty work. Previously, I've read 'Saving Grace', which I absolutely loved everything about. However, in saying that and in remaining true to an unbiased review, I did struggle to finish Scarlett. One of the main reason was that I simply couldn't connect... Continue Reading →

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