Poem: Thief

Come to me
in the silence of the night,
haunting the spaces of the dwelling,
like a lingering perfume from flowers long gone,
or the first light of the full moon casting.

Come to me in the quite of the night,
like soft crunching of leaves in autumn,
or the heavy fall of rain in spring,
rustling up emotions violently,
or the whisper of the wind that speaks in voices unbeknownst.

Come once all are asleep,
treading as light as a thief,
with your perfume enticing,
trick the mind with charms,
uttering words that weave a tale seducing,
and have me write,
your word per word,
as if without them I’m dying.

Come like a thief,
come duly,
make a habit of stealing,
my hours away from me.
…,your word per word
as if without them I’m dying…

Urgent Poetry feat. ‘I See You’

I don’t really feel like writing anything crafty today, or for that matter even think about writing crafty. I tried. I really did, on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne today. I probably wrote about a page and a bit on the short story I’m writing, inspired by a famous actress’s life. However, such was my mood, or perhaps the fact that I was a bit on the tired side, that not much creative juices flew through me. Yep. Not even a tinny tiny micro-poetry. I know you’ve noticed that too. That I’m unusually ‘quiet’ today.

Well… Let me rectify that right now. Right now! Ok, here comes another poetry (this time forced!). This is ‘I See You’… (and don’t sing the song! You know what song I mean :p).

I see you
lingering there
beyond the dark corner
the crevice.
I see the glint in your eyes
hungry and leering
like a bogieman in the dark
waiting for the opportune moment.
I know you’ll launch
fangs bared
just when I let my guard down
and you coil, then pounce.

I see you lingering
eyeing me
as I take another bite
into flesh.

I see you,
just beware!

Lol. Well look at that! Geez. I don’t mean to sound like I have such a huge head that I’m constantly kissing the ceiling cause I can’t seem to land back down. It’s nothing like that. I was just thinking of making a confession – all the poetry (well, almost all, except the initial 4/5 I posted) were literally written on the spot and posted! I don’t really know how I seem to spew these out, I’m glad I can, ’cause it’s allowed me to keep presenting you with some reading material.

I just had to laugh at myself, because I usually don’t know what I’m about to write or how it will turn out. I just wanted to say, to you all who have kept reading my pieces, quirky or not, and by that merit, have encouraged me to keep enjoying what I do and keep presenting uncensored, unselected, and completely random works.

Thank you!!! And goodnight all. Hope you had a wonderful day, and enjoyed today’s little offering regardless. 🙂

Painter in the making?! I hope so

Look at this. Just look at it! Isn’t she splendid?


Oh yeah, bask in its awesome glory. It’s an oil painting finished in a day! – and has textures, and even Garnet crushed and layered onto the surface. I absolutely loved it. In fact, I still love it! BUT, and yes, there is a but –

It ISN’T one of mine! I wish!

This particular painting is by one of my best friend, Rebecca (of the Abecca’s Art blog). She opened her blog a few years ago as part reason to document her work, and also part reason to stay connected in a world when she was living in an Australian Country town, days away from us all down here in Sydney. It kept her sane. In fact, she was the one who mentioned that I might want to give blogging a go, use it as an avenue for creative expression.

Suffice to say I’m a little jealous of her incredible talent! 😛

Here is another one of her work, this is finished now, but pictured below is when the painting was a ‘work-in-progress’. Even her work-in-progress look ten times more attractive than my meagre attempts to be a painter.


She is a painter, period (except a part-time job to keep her painting). I will be taking few painting lessons from her in the near future. So excited about the possibility of producing something as beautiful myself. One day!

Go visit her on her blog – browse through her many gorgeous paintings etc. She’d love your company too, as much as I do.

In the mean time, here are my ill attempts to paint landscape and flowers! LOL (Don’t judge me :P, I’m still learning!)…hopefully they will look better when finished.