Secret Warrior

I’ll tell you a little secret
come closer, a little closer still
it is something that cannot be said
loud, proud or sparingly
there was a world once
where no pain, nor suffering had come to visit
but saw the folks tearing at each
lustful after treasure and possessions
a world unworthy of peace
and so they left as quietly
leaving mere mortals to their sins
yet occasionally they visit still
instilling in few the peace they seek
the peace deserved
the peace they fought for
in a world that refused to yield
and picked up swords and shields
at any opportunity.
I’ll tell you a secret no one knows
no one cares to listen
that peace is within
every soul
who sees the suffering and pain in others
and cares to pick up the shields
to protect.

(I’m not sure how this has turned out :s)

Miss Perfect: who be?

Miss Perfect,
how do you look?
Be you made of plastic
or would that be wood?
Do thy possess no flaws
in your manicured grasp,
or that slight suave
of swaying hips?
Will you laugh openly to a bad joke
or cover and deliver a short giggle, upon poised perch?
And when you speak
do words float out, candied
or are your game to show a side of humanity? Or perhaps, Miss Feisty?
Should I concede, now and again
that beauty is as far as eyes can see?
Guided by sweetened words and batting eyes?
Cause that woman down the corner,
with neigh perfect smile
nor stance and swaying hips
to look upon you and compare
as though orange to strawberry?
Can that woman not claim an ounce of beauty,
for wearing her heart of gold
on her sleeve?

(Inspired by conversation between two people.)

Moment of care

When a child cries alone, withdrawn

pay a moment of care and ask why

you never know the disease that hurts.





(I know this topic is sensitive, but it’s one close to my heart, and I’d like to build awareness small step at a time, that if you know a child who suffers any sort of neglect/abuse be it verbal or otherwise more sinister, lend them your ears and hear them out, and be patient with them. That is all.)

Colour of skins

What a world it would be,
if people ceased to see,
the colour of skins and features beneath.