Kate the Cupid – Final

Kate the Cupid – Final

He stared at the screen
at the ‘pay now’ button taunting
and in one breath pressed pay then print.
Matthew had no more time left
to dally around like a fruitcake
he rushed to his room
and packed the basic few
before Sienna could show
standing gloomy at the door
he flew out onto the road and hailed a taxi.

Kate rosy cheeked
could not keep a smile at bay
she walked in the door with a bouquet
the scent of her date lingering in her breath.
Had she really wasted years
pinning for a man who did not share the same?
Had she really held at bay potential for love
to feel the joy of falling for someone who cared?
She sighed, she liked Sean, yes she did,
she could not wait for another evening.
Up ahead a shadow lingered,
‘Kate,’ she said.
‘Mum, what are you doing up? It’s late!’
She flicked the corridor light on in case.
Kate’s mother stood still, you could almost say lost
she nudged Kate forward,
‘Someone’s here for you,’
she kissed Kate on the cheek,
‘I’ll let you two be. He is in the kitchen.’

Kate blinked in daze
her heart having picked up pace.
She knew instinctually who it was
that waited for her so late
and before she could take a step
he appeared at the end,
tall and handsome, and lucky for her, hidden by the shadow
she had no courage to look into his face
and say for sure all that the old cobwebs were swept.
‘Hi’ she whispered back, tittering on her heels
he took a step, ‘I’m here,’
she took a hesitant look, ‘Yes, you are.’
He came closer, ‘I’ve missed you…’
Kate bit her lip, feeling the flutter in her core
and a need to hold onto something
she took a step back and into the lounge room.
‘You told me to come ‘ he said by way of explaining, ‘to fly here,
if I wanted to see you.’
Kate nodded, unable to tell whether her heart had remained within.
‘Your mum told me I could wait for you to get back from a – a date.’
He came closer, almost close for her to feel his warmth,
‘Say something.’
‘What do you want me to say?’ she sat on the Sofa’s edge
‘I don’t know,’ he kneeled, ‘That you’re happy I came?’
Kate shook her head, ‘I – I don’t know what to say, Matt’

Matthew stared upon her face, her eyes averted
had she always been this beautiful
this coy and soft – vulnerable to a fault?
‘Why did you leave me? Me- Melbourne, I mean?’
Then she meet his gaze for once, defiant and hurt,
‘I needed a change.’
‘You said on the phone, you got away from me. Why?’
Kate batted the moisture from her eyes,
‘I helped you buy the ring, but I can’t watch you give it away,’ she whispered broken hearted.

Matthew couldn’t be sure
not absolutely sure, of what Kate had felt,
but her sudden absence from his life
had seen a pain in him so wild.
He could think of nothing
nothing more to say,
no more ways to turn this feeling into words
he had never been a master that way,
so he did the only thing
the only thing his mind could think of,
and without waiting, he cupped her face gently
planting a kiss – tender and sweet
his way of telling her
that he too, foolishly
he had fallen for his best mate
just as she,
and now that he knew
he could not very well leave,
nor let her go.

(Even if it meant fighting Sean, Tom or George!)

My ‘Glory’ days – Part 2

My ‘Glory’ days – Part 2

With such desperate luck
I hung on
to one tiny fact
she could not and would not escape me
not a second time,
so I crossed the road and told Jo
‘Keep bringing the darn coffee’
I would wait to see her little head
then I would pounce
the tiger in me proud
at falling my prey
and what a prey would she make.

I dared not look at the clock
for fear of seeing how foolish I was being
so I sat there drinking and dreaming
practicing lines to woo and swoon her
straight of her heeled feet
and when she did reemerge
from the limestones building
I pranced ever Kingly
gaze riveted upon her form.
‘Remember me,’ I slipped in behind her
into the car at the ready.
‘Get out!’ She cried most offended and angry
and more huffs and puffs were thrown behind me,
‘What the hell are you doing?’ she narrowed her eyes.
‘Asking you out?’ I smiled – grinning, actually.
Her brows rose questioningly,
‘This is how you ask a girl out?’
I grinned wider, ‘I don’t usually do the asking out, babe.’
She laughed shortly, ‘I can see why!’
and I thought finally!
‘You are absolutely horrible at it,’ she proclaimed loudly.
I could feel a burn under my collar,
it was getting hot in there,
so I simply said, as the cries grew louder outside,
‘Say yes and I’ll leave,’ and made myself comfortable to say the least.

You want to know what she said to this?

Kate the Cupid – Part 5

Kate the Cupid – Part 5

In the morning, dark and gloomy
Kate slid out, her feet touching cold wood
she marched on heavy feet to the kitchen to the swirling coffee
she needed one, all the calls had made sure she did not sleep.
With a cup full of caffeine and a head full of dreams
she washed down her palette and pleaded with self
that when she finally called ‘him’ back
she would not flake, would not take
all the crap, all the fickle words he’d give her
hoping she’d bait. Like good ol’ times her heart lay
in million shattered pieces.
She’d had enough of sweeping herself back into shape,
no more, not this time,
this time she was determined
determined not to fall like a fool
swooning at his voice.

She fetched her phone
29 miss calls, and several voice mails
frantic and desperate.
Why? Why after all this time?
She dialed.

‘Kate!’ came the voice
half angry, half glad – breathing
‘Where have you been? I’ve called and called’
Kate smiled small,
‘I was busy’
Her brows rose, ‘With?’
there he was, the baiting had started
but she would ‘t bite, not this time.
‘Let’s see why I was busy, shall we,
now that you’ve finally had a chance to think about me?
Well,’ she breathed, ‘I’ve moved away from you for starters,
I’ve got myself a new job, back with my family, and enjoying dating again for once.’

‘You’re seeing someone?’

Kate sighed, of all the things, that’s what he chose to hear.
‘Yes, a wonderful guy named Sean, the other day,
and tonight, who knows, I’m going out again.’

‘Sean? Who is he?’

‘No one you know, thankfully!’ her voice rose angrily
was this all? This is what he wanted to focus on?
‘What do you want, Matthew?’

‘You’ve changed,’ he muttered,
‘It’s been awhile since I saw you,
so I called to ask if we could meet. Why are you being like this?’

‘Well, we can’t meet. Not unless you want to fly all the way to Sydney.’
‘Oh, you moved back home?’
‘For now? Maybe I’ll move in with Sean soon, who knows,’ she jabbed.
‘You’re angry with me,’ it dawned on him.
‘No,’ she sighed, ‘not angry, Matt, just sick of waiting for you.
I’m done waiting for you!’

‘Who are you talking to?’ Siena’s voice floated through, tinged and annoyed.
‘You’re ringing her again, aren’t you?’
Kate breathed, tears stinging her eyes,
this was goodbye after all.
‘I’ll let you go now. Bye Matt. Have a wonderful life,’
and before he could protest she ended the call.

Kate the Cupid – Part 4

(I’m having so much writing this series of poems on poor old Kate. Here is Part 4 for those who are following her love journey. Thanks guys, ‘Like’ if you like it!) 🙂


Kate woke to the incessant ring
she grabbed her phone and peered angrily
why couldn’t Matthew have done this
felt a desperate need to speak with her
why was it that it took Kate to up and leave
for him to miss her dearly?
It had been weeks since she last spoken to him
had she tortured him enough
or maybe it wasn’t for her he was ringing
maybe it was Sienna, Tianna, or Roxy whatever
and she was the punch bag he would see?
It was well in the middle if the night
so she let the phone ring
and buried her face under the pillow.
She had a great evening, hadn’t she,
a wonderful date with a charmer if one she had ever met?
Then why did her mind keep floating back to Matt?
‘Shut up’ she mumbled and crumbled
the phone was ringing again.

‘Pick up, pick up, Kate!’ he desperately whispered
keeping a peering pair of eyes at the dark corridor
or the closed bedroom door.
‘Pick up, please!’
But the phone sang mockingly back at him.
In frustration he tried thrice more
to only be heart broken and forlorn.
He slunk back to the room
back to the bed
where on it lay a sleeping fiancé,
then why was it that he could not think
of anyone other than poor old Kate?

Kate the Cupid – Part 3

Kate stumbled out of the taxi
to gaze upon the facade
of her old childhood home and sighed
she had done it
broken a toxic tie
taken that leap
now all that was left was to forget
forget whom and why she had loved
so foolishly, so selfless
now it was a new dawn, time for a new Kate.
She stepped up and rang the bell.

‘Take me out,’ she said, to the chiseled goddess
and the angelic face of her baby sister lit up
and she jumped and squealed.
Was she ready to hit the circuit
to take a chance and enjoy attention
if any come her way? Why not?
she thus pampered herself for a day
and saw the evening is new dazzle
new possibilities.
She left.

… A week later
He skipped the old worn pathway
grinning like an idiot and upon the doorway.
‘Kate, open up’ he said.
A moment, then another went
and he knocked on the door again, ‘Kate’
‘What?’ a disgruntled woman said
throwing the door open and glaring
Matthew slipped past with ease
‘Still in bed?’
‘What’s it to you?’
He shrugged and headed straight for Kate’s room
and there on the open doorway he stood
mouth agape, eyes fixed upon boxes and furniture bare
‘What the hell is going on here?’ He turned,
‘Where is Kate?’

The friend in her pjs grinned from ear to ear,
‘She left’
Still grinning, ‘Why do you care?’
Matthew narrowed his eyes and regarded the woman
‘Where is she?’ he demanded.
‘She moved, can’t you see?’
‘As if you care,’ she muttered and turned away,
‘You want to know, you found out yourself.
Close the door on your way out. I’m going back to bed.’

Mathew glared at the empty space
and fumed, striding out defiantly.
He slammed the door behind him,
running back to the car awaiting.

‘Did you get a chance to ask her?’ Sienna said.
He slipped in, and sat there fuming,
‘She wasn’t home’
and before Sienna could speak, fire another question
he pulled out his phone and placed a call.

Ring, ring
‘Do you need to get that?’ sister asked
as Kate stared at the screen wide eyed and nervous,
she shook her head and cut the signal,
silenced her phone and slipped it away.
‘So are you going out with that guy from last week?’
Kate smiled and bit her lip,
‘He asked and I said yes.’
‘He was cute!’
‘Yes he was!’
Kate smiled, her tummy tumbling wild
with butterflies.

Kate the Cupid – Part 1

She scurried around the room
riffling through outfits
this had to be perfect
the first date
if only as a last choice
for an event he had forgotten – his sister’s rehearsal dinner.
How many times had she spent
watching from a far
his many a lady friends
and wondered what it would be like
to sit across him
and share a meal that way.
She rushed around
fussing over every detail
even the shade of lipstick and the style of hair
tonight was it
a make or break to impress
the one she had loved for too many years
living next door.
Yet the number of times she had shared
a late night beer was to advise him on how to pick up another
someone he fancied and she was the Cupid in despair.
She stopped a moment across from the mirror
and there, briefly like a flashing ghost
stood a bride gloriously
sending a shiver down her spine.
This was a wish
if only in her spare time and daydream.
The impertinent phone rang again and again
she fluttered about ignoring it till the evening crawled over.
She pinned the stray strand and stood satisfied.
She looked beautiful, there was no way he could deny.
She grabbed her purse and her keys
only to hear her mobile ring.
‘Hello’ she chirped happily.
‘Kate, where the hell have you been?’
‘I was getting ready,’ she answered carefully
There was a pause, ‘About that. Listen, I’m really sorry but, Sienna, is in town.’
Kate stood still as a statue.
‘I’m sorry, Kate. That’s why I was calling. I have a date.’
‘Oh,’ was all she could say.
‘So I’ll see you there in a bit then. Bring someone along.’
The phone went dead
and so died her dream.
She spied her reflection on the glass
and felt the ghostly bride laugh menacing.

‘Bring someone along,’ his voice rang.

She walked back into her darkened room
and sank into bed
and there she remained.