Into the Woods (6)

Olly was hurried into the small, cramped hiding place that was supposedly a basement of Glor's small slum house. However, it felt more like a small, dank cupboard. To her left was her Grams, to her right was Grandda, and creepily enough, to her back and front, were simply what felt like slimy walls, sleek... Continue Reading →

Mused, amused. 

Musing, amusing, where you are?Been days, an age, you gone too far?How is the journey, bumpy bars?Across the meadow, is the land too far?Briefly, some grief, hopped over,now the time is bright, some even say right,so come on now, why don't you come over?We will play once more the wordy warfeeble be the story no... Continue Reading →

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