Poem: Dark Guardian

With the dark days,
I walk,
head dropped and collar up,
remaining in the shadows,
as the rifeness of disease rumbles,
a city already at the brink of a fall,
their wars futile,
their grudge petty,
yet more and more innocent fall,
if only they knew the price paid,
the askance of a life,
the soul it takes watching your own crawl,
on hands and knees in a pool of their own.
I stalk, unable to help,
unable to lend a hand,
for they will run, for sure,
at the sight of me,
my pallor, unmistakable red coursing through my eyes,
and from my shadows at night I watch,
their mortality fall so easily,
what I wouldn’t give for a death such as that,
or any death at all.
Decades have melted into centuries,
all my own gone,
either scared of me, or never knowing what I’ve become.
Now I keep to myself,
unsure how many more losses I can bare,
and in the shadows I linger,
unable to ask if I may step out,
into their precious light,
and help.

Until one night,
I see her,
and the forgotten desire rises,
I follow, enchanted and watch her step
into the safety of her home,
and from that night I linger
forever near that door.
I finally have a purpose,
a figure to revere,
in the gloom,
thus the shadows no longer haunt me,
but help as I guard a flower in hell.

Poem: I See You

(This was buried in one of my older posts. I thought it should have its own 5 minutes in the limelight.)

Here is ‘I See You’:

I see you,
lingering there,
beyond the dark corner,
the crevice.
I see the glint in your eyes,
hungry and leering,
like a boogieman in the dark,
waiting for the opportune moment.
I know you’ll launch,
fangs bared,
just when I let my guard down,
and you coil, then pounce.

I see you lingering,
eyeing me,
as I take another bite,
into flesh.

I see you,
just beware!

Incessant Beating

This heart ascends the highest peak
skittering across gravel
in valley deep,
skimming dangerously on ice
having wandered for an age
aged, old and tired
barely able to sustain a slight beat
all the energy, all the effort
spent on goals and posts
forever surprised upon reaching,
that happiness ain’t waiting
nor life
nor that dream
that stream charging,
clearing a path.
No, uphill this battle has been
yet up holds nothing
but a steep cliff
and a temptation
to lay to rest
the incessant beating.

Concrete bones

I try and I try
to be all that perfect
all that held
as if by silken ribbons
upon my hips
with no support needed
no praises heaped
to inflate the ego that is healthy
but what you don’t see
are all the pillions and pillars of concrete and steel
where the bones should be
to help upright a deflated soul
lost of its vibrancy
long time ago.
Do you see the plastic now?
The empty eyes
and the waxy skin?
I try and I try
to be real
to be me
but fumble upon my own feet
as surely as gravity.


Quietly, oh so quietly

new dawn breaks across the dim sky

finally, oh finally

zealous warmth seeks out the cold,

but what’s the use, my dear,

of this new light, new day

when the hopeful heart is no more.

The desire for embrace long forgotten

in the murky memories of the past,

of what once was

now remains but mere bones

of an imperfect human soul.

Take the light back, my dear Sun,

take the light back.

Curl back thy warmth

for it is wasted on this land.

No one lives here anymore.

Shattered soul

Under the heavy sky
tormented, threatened
with every breath taken
watching the grey turn sickly
bearing fangs of terror and beat
the rage uncalled for
the wrath unforeseen
how all the dazzle had blinded
until that lasso licked the ground
ever and ever closing in
the heaven poured its deluge
icy breath turning
I shiver and cry
all the tears and scream drowned completely
this day has broken me
bit by bit, cell by cell
I have fallen
like the devil himself
with all the hurt
in my heart
the pain seeping unhinged
and crash upon hard ground
to shatter brilliantly
as thousand blades of grass
the color of envy.