Mary had a little lamb?

It's well known that fairytales and nursery rhymes we have heard and grown up with, which have no doubt shaped our love of stories and understanding of the world, they were based on teaching children about dangers of the world. Nowadays, of course, they are sugar coated. I like taking an idea commonly held sometimes... Continue Reading →


Filmy treat for you!

Here's a little film I'd like to share with you that I made. It's in a competition and the more people that watch it, the merrier! The Usual Hunt More importantly, dont forget to give it your vote before leaving the page. I'd be eternally grateful! ☺️ Thank you!

‘The Circle’ short suspense/horror film It's a short film I've written, and will be directing and producing. We have just launched our fundraising campaign online, on Pozible. We would love any support at all, be it in funds or helping spread the word. By the way, there are rewards you can choose from! Isn't that great?! Check it out.... Continue Reading →

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