Arty: Behold the ‘Cove’ !

I started with this photo:


Was somewhere here in the middle of it all:


And, ended up with this, minus a few boats:


What do you think of it?

You cruel beauty!

my my, how you trick,
you dazzling beaut
amongst mighty dunes.
How cruel you be
if a weary traveller,
hungry and thirsty,
shall ever stumble upon
the empty promise you keep.
Mirage, you cruel beaut!

Beauty behold

As seasons come and seasons go,
though days turn from weeks, years and more,
that burnt sun rises and that burnt sun sets,
and even as the blue seas swell at times towards the heavens and kiss the sky,
it would all mean nothing,
all the beauty striped and taken,
all these seasons visit for nothing,
if man hadn’t the voice, eyes, and touch to validate,
the beauty that always was and shall ever be.