Poem: Price of Memories

Let the mind sleep
the days long and gruelling
beneath the age old oak tree
shadowed, hidden
a requiem for dreams
those long forgotten past
of silken touch and rose lips
the soft whisper of one’s life
from beyond
the veil of shredded promise
lifelong to be
for better or worse.
Let the mind sleep this once
recall the lost voice, the lost laugh
those few words patched up
against the beaten wall
a face upon it smiles
as flake by flake it falls
those memories, lost.
Maybe one day, maybe one moment
a glimpse of it returns
and that day shall be heaven on Earth.

Blurred edges

Will this night slip by
as the rain drops on already wet roofs
pitter pattering with a rhythm entirely it’s own
a charmed music that soothes the night
with the waning moon gliding by
glistening like a teen upon her own reflection
and what will tomorrow bring
it’s own share of soothing touch
or will the harshness of the Sun create a longing
for the subtle, sensuous night that slips by
quietly as memories through the mind
irreplaceable, yet impeccable, with its blurred edges.


I sit upon a swing
an old tyre tied
to the towering gum tree
all the leaves hustle and push
to get a peek
of silly old me
legs reaching the sky
head tilted back
as the breeze rushed on by
weaving through my hair
I swing on the old tyre swing
legs kicking high
a moment I shall remember
in years to come
when a grown man swinging on an old tyre swing
will be frowned upon
nor will I be able to kick the ground
and launch into he sky
and I swing higher and higher
not yet aware what this moment means
or the echo of my smile
I am just a child
upon a silly swing.

(Image courtesy of madpoet_one on flicker: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madpoet_one/)

Red Rain

From a war zone she cried
do not sully
that which was once a folly
of men with hearts bigger than their breasts
and an angst to be
the kings, on top of ant hills
the warring that ran red the rain
once falling on ground green
springing life to be

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Bring back the day

Bring back the day
of those merry ways
when laughter would take its hold
on the floor, we would roll.

Bring back those days
where the little feet would race,
to send the earth rumble and quake
for nothing more than a moment of joy.

Bring back those days
when the scorching sun would blaze
and over the toiled plains we went
embracing the opened-armed air.

Bring back those days
of the merry old ways
the world is in need to learn a thing, or even two,
when nothing evil lingered in this very ether.

Bring back those days
Or maybe just a day full
when the skies would be waiting,
and the plains were once more playful.