A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 8

8. Bottom’s Up June had fallen asleep with the book clutched in her grasp when she came to. She found the house wafting with a wonderful aroma that sent her tummy rumbling. Chad was cooking something. She stole herself into the kitchen as Chad busily stirred what looked like a deep pan full of some... Continue Reading →

A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 2

2. To Pen a Tale It was late afternoon when the ringing of the cell phone woke him up. Chad felt groggy, like he’d hit a whole bottle or two of really cheap wine the night before, which he hadn’t. He picked up the phone, “Hello.” “Hello yourself!” Terry spoke with a hint of agitation.... Continue Reading →

Writers need to Surprise themselves! No buts.

You're probably wondering 'What? Why?' I'll explain... I'm a writer (Lol. Yes I found the need to reiterate that fact, again). When I write, this is what's going on in my head. 'Must write the story.' 'Must make it good.' 'Must make sense. If not...!' (Shakes fist at self). 'Must make it so people find... Continue Reading →

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