New Blog look, and updated tabs!

New day, new look! Yup, that's right, Papermashed has a new look. Not only that, but, all the pages on the site's been updated, so Poetry section has had the biggest impact, with more than 50 poems being added to the links, making it easier for everyone, including me to find them for a read.... Continue Reading →

Writers need to Surprise themselves! No buts.

You're probably wondering 'What? Why?' I'll explain... I'm a writer (Lol. Yes I found the need to reiterate that fact, again). When I write, this is what's going on in my head. 'Must write the story.' 'Must make it good.' 'Must make sense. If not...!' (Shakes fist at self). 'Must make it so people find... Continue Reading →

Of Monsters and Magic

Be monsters of magic, there are many, terrifying, treacherous sweeping spells or potions and incantations whatever be it to trick someone to make a fool a king or a beggar of sweetheart sinister plots for beauties love and wealth for unworthy satisfying for the moment that glitters as gold is deceptive some monsters are men... Continue Reading →

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