Meander through the mazes through the ages the symphony of life carries on. From mother to child, the wisdom ferries on. To have and to hold, to live till age gold, while tomorrow is never sold, never told. Meander through the ages old. Never the one story told.

Dusty poetry and even rustier poet.

Search and ye shall find! At least that's been the case. Found another poem I don't believe I've posted on the blog gathering dust in the 'Note' app on my phone. I must have written this early last year when I was pretty much spouting on average 3 poetry a day on here. Don't know... Continue Reading →


I am more than happy to announce that my newest eBook, a collection of selected poems, PRICKLY HUMANS Book I, is now completely, and absolutely FREE to those lovers of poetry, word play, avid readers, or simply because you love the artwork! (Hey, I'm trying my chances as this is the first time I've completely... Continue Reading →

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