There be a shadow: Part 3

(I felt the story had something more to say to me, so here is the final instalment on ‘There be a Shadow’ poetry/trilogy.)

I walk the length of the floor
towards where the phone usually sits
on a tiny table next to the TV
I stare baffled
now where did it go?
I swear it was here before
Them, they must have moved it!
I pat the air and feel nothing
and in despair
turn and head for the street
I’m going to find an exorcist if it kills me
and thus I reach for the door.

It opens and an elderly woman steps in, shivering suddenly
she glares at the dark lounge, and the stairs leading upstairs
‘Maybe the local priest?’ she breathes, and leads a young woman
down the corridor
gasping at sight of broken pottery on the floor.

‘Did you leave it on the edge, Mum?’
‘No,’ cries she and reaches for the dust pan beneath the sink.
‘The other day, I swear I heard three,’
and begins to sweep.


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There be a shadow: Part 2

I had no intention of writing a second part to this poem, however, when a wonderful blogger, Radhika asked me the simple question ‘what comes next?’, I couldn’t help myself. So this is for you, Radhika. I do hope you like it. I’m afraid there may be a third part to it yet. And for everyone else, I do hope you like it too! Enjoy.

There be a shadow: Part 2
I freeze,
that can’t be right!
I shake my head and shiver
these ghosts are crazy
to think this house belongs to them
what would Marie think if she were still alive?
I lift my stick higher and get ready to strike
I still need to scare them somehow
I tread slowly, carefully
and strike a mighty blow!
Bang, it goes right through them and thunders the floor.
There, that should surely scare them
I take a deep breath and sigh relief
all my strength washed out of me
the old age catching up finally
‘Did you feel that?’ she queries with a nerve
‘Its like he is right here. It’s very creepy’
Oh God! I pray
give me the strength and once again lift my stick over my head
‘Go away!’ I scream and charge again.
This time, my hit lands
and something shatters
Not Marie’s darling pottery!

‘Did you see that?’ she dares continue, ‘I hope you saw that’
‘I did’ replies the male. ‘I did’
Good! I think. Now get out of my house!
I hear their foot falls walk away
I sure made my point I bet.

‘We got to get an exorcist’ she says.

‘I sure will!’ I mutter and walk back to the lounge. ‘I sure will’