Podium of Life

Standing atop the podium of life
below lies the stills waters of dreams
behind, the easy road
… I think to dive
yes, dive.

Darkness Descends

Darkness descends
as a hurtling avalanche
just stand your ground, tall
till it passes into the light
but only sometimes
only sometimes.

God of Thunder

God of Thunder,
rumbles, why, he doesn’t know
perhaps jealous
seeing mortals
able to perish in love.

Dream battle

Mired and many
are the mortal dreams
that beckon
till it owns the soul.
What is life if not a battle then
to keep sane and move on.

Brick road

Laughter echoes
soundly through the ruins
of broken hearts and dreams
mending and piecing
a yellow brick road.

Colour of life

Beneath the silken sheets
she crumpled
a heap that finally knew
how to breathe
one breath at a time
till it was mere habit
to see all the colour of life
ebbing and bright.


Me with pen in hand
the night slips away
the paper still blank.

Tick – Tock

I am staring at the clock
the clock is staring back at me
lets see who wins

‘I’ in this ‘World’

I am
therefore I see
all that which is me.
I am
therefore I hear
all that I have to say.
I am
therefore I listen
to all talks about me.
I am
therefore I must
be the one on stage.
I am
this world is all about me.

Pen bleeds

This piece is blatantly obvious. As writers, we are mad!

Pen bleeds

It be a dream
addiction aplenty
holding captive
the mind and time
and madly
reaching for another sheet
the pen bleeds
must scribe, more, more, MORE
the fever has hit
though life awaits impatiently beside
the mad-rippled human
delirious, uncaring
…till the pen bleeds no more