Film NEWS!! The Legacy, is still making ripples

Hey hey, I know, long time, no see. Or rather no say from me. I've been taking a little hiatus from blogging the last couple of months and might just be ready to get back into it somewhat. I have great news to share today! This little baby is one of the 55 films selected... Continue Reading →


The Hunt Continues (Episode 2)

Watch it on YouTube now! The second episode for the original short film I made couple of years ago. Because the demand was there, we thought why not. Wonderful experience as our cast and crew and absolutely hilarious people.  If you enjoy comedy, watch, share and like.  The Hunt Continues Premise: they're grown children find... Continue Reading →

‘The Circle’ short suspense/horror film It's a short film I've written, and will be directing and producing. We have just launched our fundraising campaign online, on Pozible. We would love any support at all, be it in funds or helping spread the word. By the way, there are rewards you can choose from! Isn't that great?! Check it out.... Continue Reading →

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